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Exterior Process & Procedure

We will apply TSP in order to remove mold, mildew, spores, and dirt. This process is important in ensuring the paintable surfaces are clean for proper preparation and painting.

Areas of chipping, peeling, and cracking paint will be scraped and sanded to remove loose debris and uniform uneven sections. Through this process we will also caulk any cracked or open areas to further protect your home.

Items listed on the contract will be repaired or replaced at this time. Rotted or damaged wood discovered during the preparation process that is not on the contract will be brought to the clients’ immediate attention. The client will then need to decide on how to proceed with addressing these issues.

Paint will be applied using Sherwin-Williams or Porter premium paint specified on the contract. Areas where wood has been replaced will be primed previous to painting. All metal components will be coated with a rust inhibiting primer and finished with an oil-based paint.


OPTIONAL SERVICES (Available upon request)
Deck restoration, pressure washing driveways / walkways, gutter cleaning by hand, small tree and limb removal.

The crew assigned to your home will walk around and remove materials, tools, and debris each day. Some small paint flakes may remain as it is difficult to remove every individual sliver.

Upon completion of the project someone from upper management will arrive to the home in order to do a walk around with the client to assure that the work is up to standards and the client is 100% satisfied. During this time the crew will remain on site incase there are touch-ups to be completed.


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