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Charlotte Professional Interior and Exterior Painting at Paint Care. Specializing in painting contractors in Charlotte, interior house painting and exterior house painting in Charlotte, house painters in Charlotte and professional painters in Charlotte

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Interior Process & Procedure

Large items will be moved to the center of the room. Smaller items will be removed and placed to a safer location in the home if needed.

Furniture will be covered with polyurethane plastic and the floors will be concealed with canvas drop cloths.

Walls will be wiped down to remove loose dirt and webs. Any cracking or peeling paint areas will be sanded to smooth the surface. Nail pops will be addressed. During this process we will also caulk all cracks and caulk joints to assure a sharper finish.

Items listed on the contract will be repaired of replaced at this time.

Paint will be applied using Sherwin-Williams or Porter premium paint specified on the contract. Areas where wood has been repaired or replaced will be primed previous to painting.


OPTIONAL SERVICES (Available upon request)
Crown / chair molding installation, wallpaper removal, small and large drywall repair, ceiling patching and texturing.



We will remove all work materials and tools. The drop cloths will be rolled up to remove the debris from the home and the furniture will be place back to its original position.


Prior to completing the project the job foreman will contact someone from upper management to make arrangements to review the work with the client. We will do a walk around to all areas that have been painted with the homeowner to assure that the work is up to standards and the client is 100% satisfied. During this time the crew will remain on site incase there are touch-ups to be completed.


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